Biomolecular Sciences Leader at Cedilla Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA, US


We are looking for a biomolecular sciences leader


We are looking for you!


We are an energetic new company focused on harnessing intrinsic protein stability mechanisms to broaden the reach of small molecule therapeutics. By working on cancer and other diseases caused by protein dysregulation, we have an opportunity to create unique and valuable new medicines.


You are an experienced leader of biomolecular science in drug discovery. The combined disciplines of biochemistry, biophysics, protein science and structural biology are central to Cedilla’s scientific strategy. The senior/director of biomolecular sciences will be responsible for defining and driving biochemical and biophysical strategies for our drug discovery enterprise. You will lead a multi-disciplinary team of scientists focused on target evaluation/selection, elucidation and leverage of mechanisms of action, assay development and project prosecution. This key position will work cross-functionally with biology, chemistry and proteomics to develop and optimize novel small molecule oncology drugs.


We view you as a key leader/scientist in the company, whose contributions will be critical to the success of our endeavor. Those contributions would include:


  • Defining and driving preclinical project and discovery strategies in the biochemical and biophysical space
  • Developing mechanistic understanding of targets and their molecular interactions to rationalize and drive discovery activities
  • Building and leading the internal biochemical and biophysical capabilities
  • Defining CRO strategy, selection and management
  • Assay design, development and deployment
  • Strategic and tactical drug discovery project support
  • Maintaining the company at the cutting edge of the discipline
  • Helping to create and sustain an energetic, interactive and supportive scientific environment, focused on critical issues and pragmatic progress
  • Contributing to overall company strategy, business development and culture as a senior leader of the company


Highlights of your background include:


  • A proven track record of scientific and people leadership
  • 10-15 years of experience in biotech or pharmaceuticals
  • Ph.D. in biophysics, biochemistry or related discipline or BS/ MS with relevant industry experience
  • Expertise and understanding in the following: enzymology; biochemical assay development and high throughput screening; cell-based screening; application of biophysical methods in drug discovery; protein production and characterization.
  • Ability to lead multi-disciplinary teams to move programs forward to the clinic
  • Strong track record of scientific accomplishments as indicated with patents and/ or publications
  • Demonstrable use of leadership and communication skills to create an environment of trust and collaboration within and across teams
  • Adept in use of resources in project planning and timely execution with focus on advancing programs and reaching go/ no go decisions


You are not just an amazing biomolecular sciences leader, you’re the whole package!


How do I apply?


Please send your resume and anything else you would like to share to


About Us


Cedilla is leveraging a growing understanding of the principles that dictate protein stability and applying those principles to target proteins that drive cancer and other diseases. Cedilla’s integrated product engine includes target-centric and unbiased approaches and is designed to produce small molecule therapeutics that degrade protein targets. Although degradation by small molecules has been observed serendipitously, degradation as a mechanism of action has not been pursued systematically in small molecule drug discovery.


We were launched in April 2018 and are backed by Third Rock Ventures.