Cambridge, MA, US

Company Overview

Tango is an exciting oncology startup launched by Third Rock Ventures, one of Boston’s premier biotech funding groups. Our focus is on exploiting synthetic lethal interactions to discover and develop new breakthrough cancer therapies.

Our discovery efforts begin and end with patients. We invert the traditional discovery paradigm by putting patient selection before target identification. We use deep DNA sequencing and CRISPR-based screening to identify novel targets for specific subgroups of cancer patients. Our goal is to leverage the principles of synthetic lethality to find novel weaknesses in cancer cells and use them to provide a roadmap to cures. As we advance our molecules into the clinic, our trials will enroll the patients most likely to benefit from our new treatments; thereby enabling greater speed, success, and impact for those patients. We’re proud to have been named a “Fierce 15” company in 2017 and a finalist for Xconomy’s Startup of the Year award in 2018.

Job Summary

We are seeking a motivated and scientifically rigorous associate scientist to perform laboratory-based research in a collaborative, multidisciplinary team environment. The successful candidate will have experience in biological target validation, utilizing genetic and pharmacological perturbants in mammalian cell culture to discover and confirm candidates for novel therapeutics. As a member of the Discovery Biology group, you will also be involved in mechanism-of-action studies, the interpretation and presentation of data, and will function as an integral member of the team to advance novel cancer therapeutic targets.

Job Responsibilities


  • Design and optimize existing and new protocols
  • Conduct mammalian cell culture-mediated genetic perturbation studies using RNAi and/or CRISPR, as well as pharmacological perturbation studies to validate biological targets
  • Perform mechanism-of-action studies, including analysis of gene expression, pathway expression, protein levels, and or/or target activity levels, to validate and advance targets
  • Perform cellular assays to support drug discovery efforts
  • Communicate and engage with contract research organizations
  • Independently summarize, analyze and present work to project and senior leadership teams; document data using ELN


Required Skills & Qualifications


  • BS/MS in Molecular or Cell Biology, or related field, with a minimum of four years relevant industry experience, or equivalent academic experience
  • Expertise with genetic perturbation (e.g. CRISPR and/or RNAi) and genetic rescue techniques required
  • Expertise with mammalian cell culture techniques required
  • Experience with protein detection methods (e.g. Western immunoblot and ELISA) required
  • Isolation and manipulation of RNA and DNA required
  • Cloning experience a plus
  • Flow cytometry and FACS experience is favorably considered
  • Ability to work in a cross-functional team environment, and a flexible team-oriented perspective is essential
  • Understanding of how to troubleshoot assays is required; experience working with CROs strongly preferred
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to multi-task required
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills required
  • Knowledge of cancer biology pathways is favorably considered