Senior Scientist – Computational Chemistry at Constellation Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA, US
We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced computational chemist to join our team. Experience with ligand-based and protein-based drug design, scaffold morphing, conformational analysis, data handling and cheminformatics, HTS and biophysics data is desired. Knowledge of the various commercial modeling tools; concrete contributions as a member of successful multi-disciplinary teams; and an understanding of the key aspects of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery is also expected. This position includes the responsibility for the development and execution of the computational chemistry strategy across our drug discovery portfolio. The successful candidate will be flexible, independent, organized, detail oriented team player.

Qualifications and Required Experience:

• Ph.D. or equivalent in computational chemistry, cheminformatics, physics, or chemistry with >7 yrs industrial experience in computational chemistry applied to small-molecule drug discovery
• Ability to work independently as well as in close collaboration with multidisciplinary drug discovery teams of medicinal chemists, biochemists, biophysics scientists, biologists, structural biologists, pharmacologists and external collaborators
• Experience applying modelling to improve potency, selectivity, and pharmacokinetic profiles both independently, and in parallel as part of multi-parameter optimization.
• Proficient with the use of commercial platforms such as Cresset, CCG, OpenEye and/or Schrodinger for application to ligand docking, pharmacophore modelling, MD simulations, building QSAR/ADMET models, cheminformatics, HTS triage, enumerating and profiling large virtual libraries and the design of small, focused libraries for synthesis.
• Proficient in one or more programming languages (eg. Perl, C/C++, Java, Python) and knowledge of Linux/UNIX systems and utilizing cloud computing where needed.
• State-of-the-art knowledge of standard and advanced computational methods.
• Proven track record of sustained high performance and innovative project contributions, including patents, presentations and peer-reviewed publications.
• Effective communication of hypotheses, SAR analysis, structural designs / docking experiments using graphics tools and interactive sessions.
• Able to engage and influence senior leadership in strategic discussions.
• Excellent oral / written communication and presentation skills.