Scientist II, Medicinal Chemistry at Revolution Medicines
Redwood City, CA, US
REVOLUTION Medicines is an exciting, early stage biotechnology company that discovers and develops innovative drugs for cancer patients directed toward frontier oncology and immune-oncology targets. The company draws inspiration from evolution and natural products that are inherently rich with biological function. REVOLUTION Medicines deploys an innovative toolkit including REVBLOCKS™, an integrated suite of rapid, agile, and modular synthesis methodologies applied to simple chemical “building blocks,” and the REVEAL™ computational platform, which uses evolution’s lessons to inform selection of chemical scaffolds guide drug design for non-classical drug targets. As a new member of the RevMed team, you will join other outstanding scientists and drug developers who are helping lead our efforts in the discovery and development of new medicines for unmet needs in cancer.

The Opportunity:

As a key member of the Chemistry team, you will make significant contributions by:

Leading from the bench ensuring delivery of high quality compound design and synthesis execution

Solving complex scientific challenges when working with novel small molecules

Analyzing project data and communicate findings and recommendations to a variety of stakeholders

Substantially contributing to the conception and implementation of innovative, interdisciplinary research projects

Being a partner in the scientific activities of other outstanding medical chemists in the department and help create an environment where we channel scientific curiosity to build and deliver a sustainable portfolio

Representing REVOLUTION Medicines with external organizations and help build the scientific reputation for our novel Drug Discovery paradigm through a variety of external disclosures

Enhancing our operational efficiency & flexibility through continuous improvement activities and implementation of best practice

Demonstrating commitment to the RevMed chemistry department vision to ensure we are acknowledged both internally & externally as the “next generation” natural product-inspired Medicinal Chemistry specialists

Being instrumental in the successfully delivery of a range of anti-cancer Drug Candidates for frontier oncology targets

Required Experience, Skills, and Education:

Ph.D. degree in chemistry with deep understanding of organic and synthetic chemistry
Postdoctoral experience and/or 2+ years of drug discovery experience with a strong track record of scientific innovation

Excellent written and verbal communication skills to work with interdepartmental teams

Innovative, team-player with high energy for our start-up environment

Demonstrated ability to plan and achieve research goals as part of an interdisciplinary team