Scientist, BioInformatics at Neon Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA, US
Position Summary

We are seeking a candidate with expertise in machine learning (ML) to develop and benchmark predictive algorithms based on proprietary biological data sets.


Develop predictive algorithms to support Neon’s personalized neoantigen therapies
Integrate novel algorithms into software that is used for personalized vaccine design and other clinical applications
Benchmark performance according to internal and external ML algorithms/approaches
Collaborate with diverse lab groups to build optimal experimental plans
Develop and contribute to external collaborations and partnerships
Liaise with lab scientists and software engineers as a project team member and provide expertise as a scientific resource

At least five years of project-based work in the ML field; there is a preference for candidates with a Masters or Ph.D. in in electrical engineering, computer science, applied math, bioinformatics or related field; a proven track record of quality of work in this field is required.
Fluency in Python with expertise in keras, pytorch, theano, or tensorflow
Experience working with GPU in a cluster computing environment
Ability to manage and customize cloud-based computing environments
Project-based experience with deep learning (including CNNs and RNNs) and handling large, high-dimensional data sets
Up-to-date knowledge of the fast-moving ML literature and familiarity with field leaders
Evidence of innovative problem-solving, including:
The ability to identify and investigate important new research topics independently
The capacity to develop and iterate on own his/her own ideas, as well as resource existing knowledge and methods.
A track record of contributing influential ideas to his/her project teams
Contributions to the ML community via publication and/or blog posts, etc.
Working understanding of basic biology
Eagerness to learn about oncology, cancer genomics, and immunology
Proven track record of working in a team environment with scientists of diverse backgrounds
Flexibility to tackle diverse problems outside one’s comfort zone
Positive and collaborative attitude
Strong communication and presentation skills; ability to translate and communicate complex computational results for scientists of diverse backgrounds
Additional Qualifications:

Familiarity with protein biophysics, x-ray crystallography, and/or molecular dynamics
Experience in genomics and interpretation of next-generation sequencing data
A working knowledge of SQL and/or experience with non-relational/alternative databases
Experience with basic statistical inference methods

To apply, please send your resume. In the subject line please note the position for which you are applying.