Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry at Relay Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA, US
Position Summary:

Relay Therapeutics puts protein motion at the heart of drug discovery by pioneering the integration of cutting edge experimental and computation techniques to create novel therapeutics. We are pursuing previously “undruggable” targets and shortening the drug discovery cycle. We are looking for relentless and fearless scientists driven by the humanity in creating transformational medicines.

Job Responsibilities:

Work with a world class multidisciplinary team of drug discovery scientists to identify and prioritize screening hits, solve complex synthetic and medicinal chemistry problems leading to the discovery of new clinical candidates

Lead the synthetic and medicinal chemistry efforts of program teams into new areas; demonstrate a high level of creativity and productivity at the bench

Apply structure-based drug design and computational approaches to prioritize targets

Analyze and interpret SAR, PK, ADME, selectivity, physicochemical properties

Proactively review literature to bring in the newest scientific findings, ideas, and methods/technologies for discovery research

Interpret, summarize, and present research findings in internal and external scientific meetings/conferences

Contribute effectively to patent, report, and scientific publication writing

Maintain and promote a safe work environment


Ph.D. in organic chemistry with >3 years of industry experience

Familiarity with small molecule drug discovery

Proven track record of excellence as exhibited by high impact, peer-reviewed publications and/ or patents

Superior laboratory skills and proficiency in experimental design

Self-motivation and a proactive mindset

Ability to work independently and to interact with a multidisciplinary team of medicinal chemists, biophysicists, biologists, computational chemists, pharmacologists, and external collaborators

Capability to work within a dynamic matrix environment, contributing to project strategies and progression

Excellent oral / written communication and presentation skills