Research Assistant, Peptide Chemistry at Neon Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA, US
Neon Therapeutics is focused on unlocking the full potential of the immune system to recognize and attack cancer. Neon Therapeutics’ lead program is NEO-PV-01, a bespoke neoantigen vaccine that builds upon years of research and development at the Broad Institute and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. NEO-PV-01 is now being studied in a Phase 1b clinical trial combining the vaccine with Opdivo®, a PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor from Bristol-Myers Squibb, in patients with measurable metastatic melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer and bladder cancer. Also in development are NEO-PTC-01, a bespoke autologous T cell therapy, and a Shared Neoantigen Program leveraging neoepitopes that are common across patients and tumor types. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Neon Therapeutics is a private company launched in 2015 with $55 million in Series A venture capital financing, and more recently a $70M Series B in December 2016.

At Neon, our core values act as a guidepost for our thoughts and behaviors:

Patients: Urgently develop life-changing medicines
People: Listen/Learn/Teach
Science: Creative/Rigorous/Uncompromising
Tenacity: Persevere/Build Neon to last
Pioneer: Leave the comfort zone/Create the future
Integrity: Do RIGHT
Position Summary

This role will be part of an exciting immuno-oncology field and knowledge will be gained about many parts of this research. The research technician in the peptide chemistry department at Neon will assist in the synthesis and analysis of our large peptide libraries. Routine laboratory operations will include basic laboratory preparations, stocking, and using automated peptide synthesizers for solid-phase peptide synthesis. The role will assist in integrating automation into the process and thoroughly document work through digital documentation servers. The candidate will also gain hands on experience with UPLC analytical instruments and exposure to HPLC purification.

Job responsibilities include:

Manage chemical inventories, lab supplies, and maintain lab instruments
Synthesize and purify peptides using automated peptide synthesizers and purification systems to support the research and development of personalized cancer vaccines
Contribute to the development and management of peptide database
Work cross-functionally with analytical, quality, computational, and biology groups to achieve company objectives
Experience and essential skills:

BS/AS in organic chemistry or a related discipline
Safe lab practices and handling of corrosive chemicals
Strong attention to detail
Excellent record keeping skills
Independent, self-motivated, and the ability to work well with others