Translational Sciences, Associate Director at Constellation Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA, US
Constellation Pharmaceuticals is a premier epigenetics company, focused on the discovery and development of novel, small molecules targeting chromatin regulatory proteins in tumor and immune cells for therapeutic applications in oncology. Our unique discovery platform integrates our understanding of chromatin-regulatory mechanisms with cancer and immune pathways to optimize our drug discovery activities and fully enable the clinical translation of our programs. Our translational capabilities are being currently expanded to ensure the differentiated clinical development of our clinical and pre-clinical assets and we look for talented and experienced individuals who want to participate in developing novel cancer therapeutics.

As an integrated function within the Translational Sciences Department this position will be responsible for sample logistics, implementation of biomarker assays, evaluation of technology platforms and contribution to biomarker data analysis and interpretation in support of Constellation’s clinical development efforts. The incumbent will work in a team environment with Translational Sciences Leadership to evolve and implement Constellation’s biomarker strategy and with the Clinical Team to support effective execution of clinical studies. The optimal candidate needs to be able to independently guide the establishment and implementation of clinical sample shipping, storage and processing, and to establish and execute on biomarker assays (including assessment of a compound’s pharmacodynamic effects in patients and of biomarkers used to guide the selection of patients most likely to benefit from treatment). S/He will also be responsible for coordinating and managing biomarker work with external vendors and academic laboratories conducted on behalf of/in collaboration with Constellation.

Key Responsibilities:
Guide the establishment, implementation and improvement of clinical sample logistics (shipping, storage and processing) across the entire clinical portfolio
Evaluation of clinical biomarker assay technology platforms to identify robust, timely and cost-effective biomarker assay solutions
Select vendors and academic laboratories for biomarker assay implementation and execution; coordinate/manage their work flow and budgets and ensure timely delivery of biomarker data
Analyze biomarker data obtained from clinical samples, relating it to PK, safety and efficacy; help with internal and external data dissemination and help building a biomarker data storage infrastructure
Contribute to the overall biomarker strategy for clinical trial support, including prioritization of optimal biomarkers to be evaluated, determination of appropriate tissue samples, relevant time points, and sampling processes
Team-oriented mode of operation and collaborative work with peers in Translation and colleagues in Clinical and Discovery to assess the utility and feasibility of candidate biomarkers
Assist the clinical operations team and potentially write the biomarker sections of clinical protocols, lab manuals and study reports
Qualifications and Required Experience:
Ph.D., or M.D.-Ph.D. degree is required
At least seven years relevant experience with a minimum of three years in industry
Experience in Translational Sciences and Biomarker Discovery required
Experience with Clinical Sample Logistics preferred
Experience with Small Molecule Drug Development preferred
Knowledge of cancer biology and oncogenic driver pathways and their relevance to the clinical drug development
Knowledge of oncology clinical trial design
Working knowledge of genetic / genomic and / bioinformatic technologies in order to guide their application in translational approaches, especially in oncology
Facility with the use of biostatistics in the analysis of biomarker and other clinical data