Machine Learning Specialist at Relay Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA, US

Relay Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated machine learning specialist to join our rapidly growing team. This individual will utilize cutting edge computational methods, in conjunction with information generated by a variety of biophysical techniques, to aid in the design of novel therapeutics that take advantage of protein motion. In this role, the ideal candidate will work collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams to integrate computational and experimental insights and drive drug discovery.

Your role

You will carry out analyses that combine computational and experimental data to develop testable hypotheses that drive drug discovery programs

Collaborate with scientists throughout the company to maximize the impact of computational efforts on projects

You'll work collaboratively with external computational groups to develop and refine new computational methods

Ensure effective communication of computational results across departments and teams

Develop new approaches to streamline and enhance computational workflows

Your background

You have an advanced degree in computer science, engineering or mathematics

You've got solid grounding in statistics, probability theory, data modeling, machine learning algorithms and software development techniques and languages used to implement analytics solutions

Your knowledge of chemistry or biology would be a plus

Deep experience with AI/ML platforms

Working knowledge of tools such as scikit-learn and Tensorflow

You have deep experience with data modeling and analytics solution stacks

Expertise building classification and regression models

Strong interpersonal and communications skills

Ability to conduct independent research