Cambridge, MA, US

Position Summary

Neon is seeking a highly motivated Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate to join our proteomics group. The successful candidate will participate in developing and executing new technologies that will be applied to peptide antigen sequencing. The candidate will work with an interdisciplinary team of immunologists, biochemists, clinicians, and computational scientists who aim to design novel personalized neo-antigen cancer immunotherapies.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Prepare peptide samples for LC-MS/MS analysis (desalting, SCX, fractionation)
  • Perform and optimize immunopurification protocols
  • Participate in cell culture and sample generation
  • Prepare solvents for UHPLC systems
  • Perform LC-MS/MS analyses of biologically derived protein and peptide mixtures (Thermo Instruments)
  • Analyze raw LC-MS/MS data and post-processed data
  • Contribute to the selection of the methods and controls during experimental design
  • Review scientific literature and collaborate with other researchers
  • Track and compile results in an electronic notebook
  • Assists with the training of lab personnel
  • Present results to other scientific groups

Experience and essential skills:

  • B.S., B.A., or M.S. degree in biology, chemistry or relevant field
  • 4+ years of relevant research experience
  • Strong background in cell biology, molecular biology, virology, biotechnology, and immunology
  • Familiarity with workflows for enzymatic digestion of proteins
  • Familiarity with cell culture techniques
  • Experience with basic molecular biology and biochemistry techniques
  • Ability to organize and tabulate data
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain inventories of equipment, supplies, and related research materials
  • Excellent record-keeping skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Independent, flexible, self-motivated, and the ability to work well with others

Optional skills:

  • Experience with mass spectrometry-based proteomics is a strong plus, but not a requirement
  • Familiarity with protocols for chemical labeling of peptide samples (iTRAQ, TMT)
  • Exposure to LC-MS/MS data processing workflows, such as database searching programs and/or quantitative software such as Skyline
  • Exposure to R or other statistical tools