Director/Senior Director, Lead Discovery (Medicinal Chemistry Dept.) at Revolution Medicines
Redwood City, CA, US

REVOLUTION Medicines discovers and develops new drugs that translate frontier cancer targets through exceptional drug discovery delivering revolutionary medicines on behalf of cancer patients. Our innovative science draws inspiration from nature and evolution, which offer insights into cancer targets, disease mechanisms and therapeutic approaches. As a new member of the RevMed team, you will join other outstanding scientists who are helping lead our efforts in the discovery and development of new medicines for unmet needs in cancer.


As a key member of the Chemistry Leadership Team, you will make significant contributions by being accountable for the following:

  • Leading a multidisciplinary team designing and implementing a range of affinity screening hit generation strategies and plans (including fragment based drug discovery) to access novel chemical equity against a diverse range of frontier cancer targets
  • Creatively solve for the generation tool compounds for target validation and high quality drug discovery program starting points using deep biophysical/chemistry insight and knowledge

  • Leading chemistry teams to deliver high-quality compounds that advances the early RevMed discovery portfolio

  • Providing research project updates and strategic vision for lead discovery research activities as appropriate

  • Potentially serve as project leader for hit/lead generation projects

  • Identifying, establishing and leading partnerships with selected strategic technology partners focused on

  • The utilization of high impact structure and biophysical data supporting RevMed projects

  • The design, synthesis and characterization of high-quality compounds

  • Participating in nominating new frontier cancer targets and establishing new drug discovery programs in RevMed discovery portfolio

  • Demonstrating commitment to the RevMed chemistry department vision to ensure we are acknowledged both internally and externally as a world-class chemistry team focussed on frontier cancer targets

  • Advancing the RevMed Research Portfolio and company value through presentation/publication of project results in scientific meetings and peer-reviewed literature as guided by RevMed publication policies to build our scientific reputation

Required Skills
  • Ph.D. degree in chemistry or biophysics with ideally over 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry alongside a strong track record of scientific innovation

  • Demonstrable track record in finding novel chemical ‘hits’ against challenging targets with a deep understanding of hit generation techniques for the identification of high quality, tractable lead series

  • Proven track record of leadership and success working with multi-disciplinary drug discovery teams

  • Demonstrate deep knowledge and insight across medicinal chemistry, biology and biophysics

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to work with interdepartmental teams

  • Innovative team-player with high energy for our fast-paced environment

  • Demonstrated ability to plan and achieve research goals as part of an interdisciplinary team

  • Experience in leading and managing early discovery projects

  • Recognized as an intellectual leader in drug discovery with a track record of patents, publications and project achievements

  • Significant experience with structure-based drug discovery, fragment based drug discovery and hit-to-lead activities

  • Knowledge of oncology therapeutic area and oncology drug discovery

  • Extensive working knowledge of modern medicinal chemistry and drug discovery techniques

  • Experience managing scientific collaborations and CRO outsourcing activities